Girls Gymanstics


Girls Level 1 (Ages 6 and older)

This class is for beginners.  Children in this class will either have advanced from the Combo class or have had very little to no gymnastics experience.  This class focuses on the basics gymnastic skills on the Women's Apparatus.  These basic skills form a foundation for the child.  Our entire program promotes mobility so it is our goal to develop and perfect these basic skills, as well as, keep the child progressing in the program. 

Girls Level 2 (Ages 6 and older)

This class is for children that have mastered the Level 1 skills or are evaluated by the staff and have shown mastery of the fundamental basic skills needed to continue learning.  This is the intermediate class in the recreational program.  This class will follow closely to the USAG Competitive skills that are needed for moving into the Girls Level 3/4 Competitive Programs.  Since not all children have a desire to compete and our goal is to keep the child challenged and learning, once the skills of this level are mastered, they can continue in the Recreational Program to the Level 3, which is the "Advanced" level class. 

Girls Level 3 (Ages 6 and older)

This is the advanced class in the Recreational Program.  This class takes all of the fundamental basic skills learned and mastered in Levels 1 & 2 and begins putting them all together.  For example: on the Floor Exercise, this level would begin taking the round off and combining it with the back handspring and even advancing that to multiple back handsprings or even learning and adding a back flip in a tuck position.  This is the highest level in the Recreational Program and because of that ALL  new students wanting to participate in these classes would need to be evaluated by the coaches and demonstrate mastery of all fundamental basic skills on all the events before being registered into a Level 3 class.