USAG Boys Team Program


Junior Olympic Program Overview

The Junior Olympic program was developed with the belief that all athletes, regardless of their potential, must have a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely. The program allows the gymnasts to advance at their own pace, competing at more than one level in a year, if they so choose.

The Women's Junior Olympic Program is divided into three major segments:

  1. The Developmental Levels 1 through 3 may be used as a non-competitive and achievement-oriented program for use within a gym's pre-team program, or they may be used as an introductory/recreational competitive program. States may also offer State Champtionships for these levels.
  2. The second part consists of Compulsory Levels 4 and 5. Both of these levels are progressive in nature, building upon the skills required at the previous level. Competitive opportunities are provided up to and including the USA Gymnastics State Championships.
  3. The third segment is Optional Levels 6-10. Levels 6,7, and 8 have difficulty restrictions, while levels 9 and 10 have no restrictions in the skill choice

USAG-Xcel Program Overview

Our program is a national USA Gymnastic program of levels that run alongside the Junior Olympic (JO) program. The Xcel program is a completely separate, alternative program that offers a flexible schedule to both coaches and gymnasts. The goal of our Xcel program is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels, the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience.

3 Divisions of the Boys Xcel Program

Bronze –The minimum age requirement is 6 years and is similar to level 1 in the JO
Silver – The minimum age requirement is 6 years and is similar to level 2 in the JO
Gold – The minimum age requirement is 7 years and is similar to level 3 in the JO​​

Boys Time Commitment


  • Monday & Wednesday (5pm-6:30pm)


  • Monday & Wednesday (6:30pm-8:30pm)